Adventures in Driving

One of my pet peeves is irresponsible driving. I deal with professional truck drivers on a daily basis, so I’m well versed in defensive driving and various state and federal laws. Every day during my commute to and from the office, or while I’m out during my lunch hour, I see things on the streets that make me wonder often if states should consider required “refresher” courses in order for one to keep their driver’s license. I’m sure many of you observe some of the same things…drivers who do not use turn signals…failure to yield…running red lights (and stop signs)…speeding…talking on cell phones…and don’t get me started on how folks attempt to drive in the rain!!!

It seems I have noticed some very bad driving habits over the past few days. Maybe that’s because it has been raining a lot in Nashville and the rain seems to bring out the worst in motorists. Whatever the reason, I have noticed and been rather annoyed on the roadways this week.

As an employee in the transportation industry I have had the opportunity to participate in several defensive driving courses throughout my career. All of these are geared toward professional truck drivers, but much of the information I learned has been used to improve my driving skills. There are several programs out there, and I highly recommend checking some of the out. Being a defensive driver is so important in today’s traffic since there are so many folks out there doing the things I listed above.

Since it has been years since I’ve had to take a driver license test I decided to go online and test my skills and knowledge. There is a set of practice tests (4 of them) available through the Tennessee Dept. of Safety. Click here to link to the tests and see how you do. I broke out my results below. If you take the tests I would like to know the results. Please feel free to leave them in the comments section of this post.

My test results:

Test #1: Alcohol 14 of 15 correct
Test #2: Laws 11 of 15 correct
Test #3: Procedures 15 of 15 correct
Test #4: Signs 14 of 15 correct

Total: 54 of 60 correct = 90%

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