What’s In My iPod?

I recently saw a question about what people listen to on their iPod. It made me think about what I have on mine, so I decided to do a quick inventory. Here are the results.


I currently have 15 ClearView sermons in the Podcast section of my iPod. I actually have about 45 sermons in iTunes, but the ones on my iPod are some of my favorites. I will change those out from time to time.


As of today I have a total of 857 songs in my iPod. I say “as of today” because this number changes often. I usually add or remove music on the weekends, so by this time next week who knows how many will be in there. Anyway, I have my tunes broken down into playlists. Below is a list of those along with the number of songs in each playlist.

Praise & Worship (233)
Rock (136)
Country (116)
Christmas (97)
Classical (76)
Jazz & Blues (61)
John Williams (47)
Metal (36)
Pop (31) – much of this is from the 80’s
R&B (11)
Soundtrack (9)
Alternative (4)

So, what does this say about me? Well, for starters it reinforces something I have said before: I enjoy many different styles of music. As you can see from the list above I have several genres available to me. I believe it also shows a little about my passions. I definitely have a passion for music. I also have a passion for praise & worship. I guess that’s why I’m not surprised to see more songs in that playlist than any other. In fact, much of the music I listen to on the radio falls into this category. If I had to take a best guess about how much I listen to each of the playlists listed above, I would say Praise & Worship would comprise about 75-80%. My iPod sits in its docking station on my desk in my office an is playing most of the day. Most days the Praise & Worship playlist is the one I am listening too. I love the positive messages from the songs, and they just seem to help me push through some busy days.

Well, now you know what’s in my iPod. And, now I’m curious. What’s in yours? Please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know.

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