Movie Review: Click

I watched the movie Click over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised. The movie stars Adam Sandler, and I expected what you typically get from one of his movies…lots of dumb humor. Well, the humor was definitely there, but there was also something I did not expect…a moral to the story.

The plot revolves around Sandler’s character, Michael Newman, an workaholic architect who has been overlooking his wife and kids in order to advance his career. While working late one night on a project he comes across a universal remote that actually controls his universe. He is able to pause, fast forward, and skip over parts of his life. Unfortunately, the remote begins to take over and starts fast forwarding over the most important parts of his life. As Michael sees how much of his life has passed by he realizes the importance of spending more time with his family.

There were moments in the movie where I laughed and some that brought a tear to my eye (yes, an Adam Sandler movie). I definitely did not expect such a moving story from a comedy. I was completely caught off guard by the underlying moral of the story. I guess it’s because I’m guilty of not spending the quality time I should with my own family. The movie made me take a step back and examine what’s really important in life.

So, I’ll give this movie a good thumbs up and recommend seeing it. There is a bit of foul language and sexual reference so I wouldn’t watch it with the kids. Check it out.


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