Liberal Media Spin

I heard a funny story today about how a liberal journalist can take a story and spin it into something completely different from what really happened. The story went something like this.

A little girl is standing beside a lion’s cage looking in at the animal. She gets a little too close to the cage, and the lion grabs her and attempts to pull her into the cage. A man on a motorcycle sees this happening, jumps off his bike and runs to assist the girl. He tries pulling her free but is unable to do so. Seeing the lion is within reach the man punches the animal causing it to release it’s grip on the girl. The man pulls her to safety and returns her to her parents who are watching in horror. They, of course, are showering the man with gratitude. A newspaper reporter just happens to be there and witnesses the entire event from beginning to end. He pulls the man who just saved the little girl aside and praises him for what was done. He tells him that is the most heroic act he has ever seen. The “hero” says he just simply did what was right. The journalist assures the rescuer that an article will appear on the front page of the next day’s paper. He asks the man a few questions for the story, including what kind of bike he rides. The man says it is a Harley and points it out to the journalist, who notices the McCain / Palin bumper sticker on the gas tank. Again, he promises the hero a front page story. The next morning the man buys a newspaper, and sure enough there is the story on the front page. The headline reads…

Right Wing Maverick Assaults African Immigrant, Steals Lunch

Objective journalism??? You decide.

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