I am amazed by our ever changing technology. Just trying to keep up is enough to make your head spin. It’s hard to imagine life without computers, cell phones, iPod, etc. But, many of us grew up without these items. In fact, I remember some of the early cell phones. They were in bags and probably weighed 5 lbs. Today we have cell phones small enough to fit in your pocket that weigh only a few ounces. Likewise, I remember when most folks did not own a home computer. Of course now many people have one or two at home and a laptop. My, how technology has changed.

Today we are so fortunate to have so many technological advances. Just think about the ways we can communicate today. This blog is but one example. We have the Internet and e-mail, where we are capable of sending a message across the world in a matter of seconds. Next we have cell phones. Many people, like me, have a smart phone. Mine is a Blackberry. With these devices we can send e-mails and text messages, surf the web, take pictures, play games, get GPS turn by turn directions, and a whole host of other cool things. I even have the ability to publish posts to this blog via my cell phone. Oh yeah, we can even make phone calls with them!!!

Then there is social networking. What a difference this has made in how we communicate! We can link into a social network such as facebook, twitter, linked-in, et. al., and give our friends real-time updates about what we are doing. We can literally have a conversation with someone halfway around the world and never utter a single word. Amazing!

So, why am I talking about this? I’ve just been thinking about this subject for the past couple of days and decided to share my thoughts. I try to keep up with as much of the latest technology as possible. I know that if I don’t my kids will be so far ahead of me that I’ll never catch up! I don’t want to be left behind, technologically speaking. So, here’s to modern technology!

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