Disturbing Survey Results

I read an article yesterday in The Christian Post that was quite disturbing, in my opinion. The article contained some results from a survey of American Christians. Here’s some of what the survey included.

I. Satan is not a living being, but is a symbol of evil.

40% strongly agreed with this statement
19% somewhat agreed
26% strongly disagreed
9% somewhat disagreed
Approximately 8% were unsure what to believe about the existence of Satan.

II. The Holy Spirit is a symbol of God’s power but is not a living force.

58% strongly or somewhat agreed
25 % strongly disagreed
9% somewhat disagreed

III. Jesus Christ sinned while on earth

22% strongly agreed
17% somewhat agreed
46% strongly disagreed

I can’t help but wonder if these people have even read the Bible!! If this group of so-called Christians are attending church, then I would be curious to know what the pastor is teaching them. How in the world can we have people who claim to be Christian yet believe the things listed above?

What really concerns me about the findings of this survey is the part about whether Jesus sinned while he lived on the earth. I am absolutely shocked that someone who claims to be Christian could honestly believe Jesus was anything other than perfect. After all, Jesus was God in human form. If Jesus sinned while He was here, wouldn’t that mean God sinned? Thus our whole belief system is flawed. Praise God that Jesus was our perfect, sinless sacrifice!

I am truly thankful for ClearView Baptist Church and the leadership we have. It is such a blessing to know I have a pastor who believes the Bible is 100% accurate and is the inspired Word of God. Thank you Mark for always teaching us the truth!

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