A Great End To A Great Season!

Our Upward basketball team (the Sky) played their last game of the season today. What a game it was! The girls played better than I have seen them play all season as they impressively won 25-13. They took the lead early in the game and never looked back. Everyone on the team played with an intensity not seen before today. I think they saved their best for last. The win today gives us a 4-4 record for the season.

I am very proud of our team. We have 10 very talented girls who have greatly improved their basketball skills over the past 2 months. It has been a pleasure being able to help coach them this year. I really enjoyed watching them get better and better each week, and seeing them learn to play together as a team. They really showed today that all of the practice and hard work paid off. As a coach, and a dad, it was great to see them end the season on a high note today. But, more importantly, it was even better to see them working together and supporting one another. The dad in me has to brag on Rachel. She was very aggressive on defense and had two key rebounds. She also was part of a tie-up that resulted in a jump ball situation giving our team possession. The coach in me will also brag on everyone else as well. I just can’t say enough how impressed I was today with each girl. It was a great game!

Today is also a little sad for me since we played the last game. I’m going to miss seeing the girls’ smiling faces on Tuesday and Saturday. They have really made a great impact on me and have helped me make the decision to coach again next year. Our head coach will be coaching again, so we’re planning to team up one more time. I’m looking forward to it.

Now, we prepare for our last night together as the Sky. This Tuesday is the annual Upward Celebration Night. It will be a chance for the players, coaches and parents to have fun and celebrate the season. I know the girls are looking forward to Tuesday, as am I.

I’ll close by saying once again how proud I am of our team and how much I have enjoyed coaching them. Way to go, Sky!!!

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