Colts Release Harrison

Indianapolis Colts team officials announced Tuesday that all-pro receiver Marvin Harrison would be released from the team due to salary cap considerations. Harrison had been with the Colts for 13 years. During that time he helped lead the team to multiple wins (118 to be exact) and playoff appearances, plus a Super Bowl victory. Along the way he set several receiving records for the Colts franchise, including: Receptions – 1102; Rec. Yards – 14,580; Rec. TD – 128.

I personally don’t want to see Marvin Harrison go. I understand the issues with salary caps, but I think letting him go will be a huge mistake for the Colts. They are losing one of the best wide receivers in the game. The Colts still have some very talented receivers, but the loss of Harrison will be felt on the playing field. It’s also going to be strange not seeing #88 lined up out there.

I have read several stories about the announcement. Most are pretty much the same – praise for Harrison’s career and speculation about where he will land. There is no doubt that some NFL team is about to acquire a great asset. My favorite news stories about this whole thing have come from the Colts Public Relations via the Official Website of the Indianapolis Colts. One story contained the following quote from QB Peyton Manning. I’ll end with that.

“It has been a privilege to play football with Marvin Harrison for the past eleven years. I always will be indebted to Marvin for what he has done for my career. I know that I would not be the quarterback I am today if not for Marvin. Marvin and I worked very hard together on our timing, and it paid off with many completions, touchdown passes, and, most importantly, wins. That was the main thing. He and I wanted to do our jobs in order to help the Colts win. And most of the time, we did. Nobody could get open like Marvin. Cornerbacks used to tell me that he was the most difficult wide receiver to cover because all of his routes looked the same at the beginning of the route. That, to me, is the ultimate compliment for a route- runner. It will be strange to line up under center and not see #88 out on my right, but I have cherished the eleven years we played together, and I am proud to share the NFL QB/WR tandem records that we hold together. He is a Hall of Fame receiver, I am proud to have played with him, and he will always be an Indianapolis Colt in my book.”

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