Reading God’s Word

One of my goals for 2009 is to strengthen my faith, and one thing I am doing to help achieve that goal is reading the Bible through. I did this a couple of years ago and decided to do it again this year. However, after hearing the last few sermons at church, I am approaching my reading differently. I was reminded yesterday that the Bible is the written words of God Almighty!

As I began to read God’s Word today I remembered yesterday’s sermon and tried to focus on what God was saying. The passages I read this morning from Exodus were not new to me. I have read them several times, but by approaching the reading with anticipation of what God is saying they were much more meaningful to me. When I read the words “the Lord said to Moses” it hit me that I was reading words spoken by the Creator of the universe. WOW! What a privilege we have to be able to open a book and read what the Lord spoke!

On another note, I am honored to be a part of our new building dedication at ClearView. We, as a church body, are reading the Bible from beginning to end aloud in the new chapel. I have the privilege of reading this coming Saturday. There is no doubt it will be a very meaningful time for me personally, especially in light of what I have learned over the past few weeks about God’s Word. I am looking forward to my reading and the dedication service next Sunday as we praise God for what He has done and pray for what He will do at ClearView.


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