Difficult Economic Times

A former co-worker of mine wrote a note on my Facebook wall today informing me that ImagePoint (formerly PlastiLine), the company I worked for in Knoxville, announced today they are shutting down. The closing will result in the loss of 450 jobs, 270 in the Knoxville office and another 180 in the Florence, KY plant. I still have friends who were working for that company and will be praying they can find other jobs.

I decided to browse knoxnews.com to try and find a story about the closing. While there I discovered these headlines from throughout the week. The news in Knoxville is not good. I did a quick calculation, and the closings and layoffs announced this week in Knoxville will affect approximately 2200 people!

  • Goody’s shutting doors after 55 years in business
  • Jewelry Television starts new layoffs
  • Officials ‘in shock’ as Alcoa announces layoff of 450
  • Sea Ray plant closing; 575 jobs being cut

I often complain about my job and would like to make a change at some point, but for now I am very thankful I am employed. It seems like I hear something every day about the ever increasing unemployment rate. Now is not the time to be losing a job. So, I thank God for the job I have and pray that our business will continue to survive these difficult days and that my job will be maintained. I also hope and pray that these tough economic conditions will improve soon. I’m ready to read some good news!

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