Thanksgiving 2008

I wasn’t really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. This was my first Thanksgiving since my mother passed away. I was not looking forward to it because this was her day. She always cooked and had us at her house for dinner. In fact, the only time I recall when we were not at mom’s house for Thanksgiving was the year Rachel was born. We were living in Atlanta at the time, and since she was only a week old we had Thanksgiving dinner at our house. Other than that we were at my mom’s.

Fortunately, this year was easier than I expected, and I had a good day. I am very thankful for my sister, Shelly, and brother-in-law, David, for opening their home and preparing Thanksgiving dinner this year. I always enjoy spending time with them, and being with family made the day easier to handle. We had a great meal and lots of fun.

On Black Friday we continued a tradition by shopping. Jacinda, Tommy (her dad) and I did our part this year to stimulate the economy by starting our shopping day at 5:00 am (yes, I know that is crazy, but we love it!). We always find great deals and get a good part of our shopping done that day. I was wondering if the crowds would be as great this year due to the sluggish economy. I must say I think there were as many, if not more, people out this year than last. We wrapped up our shopping around 10:00 then relaxed. We took the girls to see the new Disney movie Bolt Friday afternoon. It was good, and the girls really liked it. I was just glad to be able to sit for a couple of hours.

Now, we are back home and relaxing after a good trip. I’m getting ready to watch the Vols play Kentucky in Phillip Fulmer’s last game. As usual I will post my recap of the game. Hopefully I’ll have good news!

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