My Roles in Ministry

I am very blessed to be a part of a church with so many ministry opportunities. ClearView is a great place to plug in and get involved. I have been involved in the Worship Ministry almost the entire time we have been members of the church (6 years). I have also been a deacon, serving in that ministry now for almost 4 years. I am now embarking on a new journey in my spiritual walk by getting involved in other ministries in the church.

I have been considering for some time being involved with our Men’s Ministry. I recently made the decision to step up into a leadership role in that ministry. There are several men in the church that have made similar commitments, and we are now working on a plan to expand this ministry. Over the coming months we will be involved in several events for the men of ClearView, as well as those outside our church walls. I would like to ask those reading this to pray for me and the rest of the Men’s Ministry leadership as we develop a plan for this ministry. Pray that God will use us to help lead other men to Christ.

Another ministry I have decided to work with this year is Upward. Rachel will be playing Upward basketball again, and I am going to be an assistant coach. This is new territory for me, as I have never coached before. It’s a little intimidating, but I am looking forward to the opportunity to be an influence in the lives of the girls on the team. Upward is a fantastic organization, and I’m happy our church is so involved with them. Again, I ask for your prayers as I step into this role. Please pray that I will be a good leader for the team and that what I, and the other coaches, do will point the players toward a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Finally, this Sunday I have the privilege to continue my work with the Worship Ministry as the orchestra will be playing. My prayer for Sunday is that we will perform to the best of our abilities, that we will give Him our best, and that what we do on stage will direct others toward Him.

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