What Is Wrong With Society???

Let me share something that happened while driving to work this morning.

I exited the interstate as always onto Nolensville Road and noticed that traffic was very heavy. Upon approaching the first traffic light I could see why. There was debris in the roadway from an accident, which was slowing traffic. When I neared the accident I recognized the car and one of my co-workers (hereafter referred to by his initials – DC) on the side of the road. I pulled into the parking lot next to the accident scene and got out to make sure DC was OK. Fortunately he was not injured. His car suffered a bit of damage, however. The sad part, and what lead me to the question that is the title of this post, is that the accident was a hit-and-run. The other driver ran into the back of DC and fled. I would later discover that this same person was thought to have been involved in another hit-and-run accident earlier this morning not far from where DC’s car was struck.

I told DC this morning, as we were waiting for the police to arrive, that it amazes me how someone would just flee the scene of an accident. I just couldn’t imagine crashing into someone and not at least checking to be sure they were not injured. It saddens me to realize that we live in a society filled with folks who simply do not care about others. I have been thinking about this off and on most of the day. I was told that the police had a license plate number, so hopefully they can catch the driver of the other vehicle.

I guess I really shouldn’t be so surprised by what happened today considering we live in a very selfish world. It seems like far too many people have very egotistical attitudes and show very little regard for others. I would like to see our society return to the moral and ethical values of the past and start behaving in a more honorable fashion. Is that possible in today’s world? I sure hope so, for our kids’ sake!

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