The 1980’s: A Look Back

I discovered a great website today:

This site gives you all sorts of interesting information about the 1980’s. I’m sure most of you in your mid-30’s to early 40’s will remember some of these things.

1980’s Economy:
In 1982, the average price of a new home was $83,900.
The average cost of a gallon of gasoline in 1986 was only $0.93 (the lowest of that decade).

No. 1 Songs from the 80’s:
1980 – Call Me by Blondie
1983 – Down Under by Men at Work
1986 – Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer
1987 – With or Without You by U2

1980’s Top Movies:
1980 – The Empire Strikes Back
1981 – On Golden Pond
1982 – E.T.
1983 – Return of the Jedi
1986 – Top Gun

1980’s TV:
Dallas (popular for much of the 80’s)

Magnum P.I.
The Dukes of Hazzard
The Cosby Show
The Golden Girls

Great Quotes From the 80’s:
“Honey I forgot to duck.” – Ronald Reagan to Nancy after being shot (1981)

“Someone told me it was a round thing that gobbles up money, I thought it was Tip O’Neill.” – Ronald Reagan on Pac Man (1982)

“Over a thousand officials to choose from, and I get a moron like you.” – John McEnroe to a British tennis umpire (1984)

“I came here to tell the truth – the good, the bad, and the ugly.” – Oliver North (1987)

I encourage you to check out the website for more fun and interesting stuff. There are also links to other decades. It’s great to remember the “good old days”, even if it does make you feel old!

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