Tennessee v. Florida: OUCH!

Well, Tennessee was supposed to play Florida yesterday, but the Vols failed to show up for the contest. To say Florida beat the Vols would be a huge understatement. The Gators totally dominated Tennessee in their 30-6 victory.

I have been watching UT football for a long time, and Saturday’s performance has to be one of the worst I have ever seen. Turnovers, penalties, poor coaching, and total lack of offensive production all contributed to the embarrassing loss. I was very disappointed with the offense overall. Jonathan Crompton, in my opinion, might be the worst QB Tennessee has ever had. I have not been impressed at all with him thus far. Sure, he has had some good plays, but overall his performance has been far below UT standards. I won’t lay all the blame, however, on Crompton. It helps to have receivers who can catch the ball. UT is struggling there as well. The only real area of efficiency on offense is with the running backs, when they can hold onto the ball. I think the loss of David Cutcliffe has really hurt Tennessee’s offense. Hopefully offensive coordinator Dave Clawson can make a positive impact on this team. Thus far he doesn’t seem to be doing his job.

I’ll give our defense a break. They played fairly well considering how long they had to be on the field. They had to work a short field most of the game and did a good job defending the pass. Tim Tebow passed for only 96 yards, and the TN defense allowed only 243 total yards. Our defense continues to perform to UT standards, but defense cannot win football games. We need the offense and special teams to step up and start playing football.

Next up is Auburn, who lost to LSU yesterday. I watched a good part of that game and am worried about next week. Auburn played solid football against LSU, and I don’t think the Vols will be able to handle them unless some drastic changes are made quickly. I’m afraid it’s going to be a long, painful season.


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