No Gas

I spent the last 3 days of the work week in Indianapolis. I had no idea, until yesterday, that most gas stations in Nashville were out of gas. While driving home yesterday I received a text message from a friend telling me to get gas before I made it to Nashville. I stopped in Bowling Green, KY and filled up there, and I am glad I did.

I started listening to the Phil Valentine Show on the radio and learned that about 85% of stations in middle Tennessee were out of fuel. Phil explained that Nashville is serviced by the Colonial Pipeline, which was only running at 25% according to AAA. Because of the flooding in Galveston, TX from Hurricane Ike, many of the refineries that supply Tennessee (and much of the southeast) are still shut down. The result is a shortage of fuel for the Nashville area. However, the problem was exacerbated by people panicking and rushing to the gas stations to fill up their tanks, even though they really didn’t need gas. Stations began running out of fuel, and now most around town are out. According to a report on the Tennessean website, AAA estimates that 50-60% of stations are still without gas. Of course the stations that do have gas are seeing lines of cars waiting to fuel. I had to go out earlier today and passed by Publix Pix station in Franklin. They had fuel and had signs up direction cars to the “Gas Line”. The line extended from the pumps, across the Publix parking lot, and around the back side of the supermarket. It reminds me of the gas crisis in the 70’s. CRAZY!!!

Officials are not sure how long this gas shortage in Nashville will last. The supply is improving, however it is going to take some time to get supplies back to normal levels. I am going to do what Phil Valentine recommended and stay home (except for church tomorrow). I have about 3/4 of a tank, so I’ll be okay for most of the week. I hope everyone will avoid unnecessary trips and conserve fuel until supplies can be replenished. Things will improve!

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