This past Sunday the ClearView orchestra helped lead worship. It was a great time, and a powerful worship experience. Many who read this may not understand all of the preparation work that is done before the worship service begins. Although things may seem to run smoothly during the service, it isn’t always that way during the Sunday morning rehearsal. I want to share one of the challenges I faced this past Sunday.

We were about 15 minutes into our rehearsal time, so about 30-40 minutes before the first worship service was to begin. I reached down to empty my spit valve (brass musicians know what that is) and the entire thing broke off at the weld. The result was an open hole in the bottom of my trombone slide, which meant I was unable to play. Can you see the challenge? With no way to reattach it, I was left to figure out what to do in order to be able to play. With the help of my fellow trombonists we pull a MacGyver moment. Using tape, paper and a rubber band, we were able to patch the hole so I could play. I’m happy to report that I made it through both services and was able to play as usual. By the way, the horn is now repaired!

This was not the only challenge we faced Sunday morning, but it is an example of what can happen. I think things like this are the devil’s way of trying to stop our worship. I believe he is constantly at work trying to make us stumble. If he in fact was working Sunday, all I can say is score one for God’s team! We overcame the challenge placed before us and I was able to praise God with my instrument. To God be the glory!


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