Preparing for the weekend…

TGIF! Even though this was a short week with Labor Day I’m still glad the end is near. I’ll be leaving the office early today as Jacinda and Rachel head out of town for a little getaway. So, it will just be me and Elise tonight. We’re planning to go out to dinner, then maybe watch a movie at home. Tomorrow morning we’ll be off to attend a safety meeting for work (7:30 on a Saturday is too early!). My in-laws will be here sometime Saturday for a visit. They are attending a Grandparents Day breakfast at school with the girls on Monday.

Sunday is the day I’m most looking forward to. This will be the first Sunday for the ClearView orchestra to play after our summer break. I always look forward to these times when we have the opportunity to use our talents and help lead worship. I’m sure it will be a great time, and I look forward to how God will work in the service.

It’s going to be a good weekend!


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