Shock at Central

This was the headline I saw today when I made my daily visit to to check up on the happenings in Knoxville. I was indeed shocked to learn of a shooting at my high school, Central High. Apparently two 15-year old boys had some sort of argument on the bus, which spilled over into the school cafeteria, and led to the shooting. The victim died at the hospital.

I have followed the events throughout the day and can’t help but wonder what has happened in our society. When we were in high school we would never have imagined someone bringing a gun to school. The most violent act we witnessed was a fist fight. It is sad today that school shootings are becoming as common as simple fights were in our day. It’s also very scary. As a parent things like this scare me so much. I know I can’t always be with my kids to protect them, but it would be nice to know they are in a safe environment while at school. Unfortunately we can’t let our guard down in today’s society. Somehow kids have decided the best way to handle conflict is through violence. I know the environment in my high school is much different now than it was back then, but it’s still hard to fathom something like this happening.

During my morning prayer time, I pray specifically for the safety of my kids. Every day I ask God to wrap his loving arms around them and place a blanket of protection over them from the evil that exists out in the world. I know there is nothing I can physically do to protect them while they are away at school, but our God can. I will continue to pray for their safety daily. Will you do the same, for my kids and yours?

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