Promise Keepers

What an awesome weekend of praise and worship! I had the privilege to travel to Atlanta with the Big Dawgs 4 Christ, a fellowship of Christian brothers based in Franklin, TN, to the Promise Keepers men’s conference. A group of about 50 guys, ranging in age from 8-80, boarded a bus Friday morning bound for Atlanta and the PK event. We had a fantastic time of fellowship and bonding, incredible praise and worship, and dynamic speakers throughout the 2-day conference. Included among this year’s speakers was Coach Bill McCartney, the founder of PK. This was the first event he has spoken at in 5 years, and it was such an honor to be there to hear him. One of my favorite speakers was Dan Seaborn, the founder of Winning at Home, Inc. He is so passionate when he speaks, and his messages are timely and hit the heart. It would take far too much time to detail the messages heard this weekend, but I can tell you that what I heard and experienced was life changing. My hope and prayer coming away from this incredible weekend is that I will use what I learned to be a better husband, father and man of God.
I can’t say enough good things about PK and the work they do. I highly recommend every man in America attend one of these events! Rest assured, you will not be disappointed. I also want to use this platform to brag on the Big Dawgs 4 Christ. We get together as a group every year to attend a PK conference. It is such a joy traveling with a group of men who love Jesus Christ and are committed to strengthening their faith in Him. We always have a great time of fellowship and bonding as brothers in Christ. Thank you Big Dawg leaders for all you do!!!

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