Vacation Ends

Thursday was the last day of our Washington, D.C. vacation, but we did not even visit the city that day. Instead, we spent a few hours that morning shopping in Old Town Alexandria and strolling along the waterfront on the banks of the Potomac River.

We had a good trip and want to go back because we were not able to see and do everything we wanted to in the time we were there. Washington has far too many museums, monuments, etc. to visit in one trip. I think the next time we visit we will be flying. The drive is just too long, plus D.C. is not very well equipped for auto travel. Traffic is congested, and parking is hard to find. We rode the Metro (the city’s subway system) all week. That’s really the best way to get around.

We hit the road around noon Thursday and drove to Knoxville for the night. We returned home Friday evening, and Sheena and Gracie (our dog and cat) were happy to see us. Unfortunately, vacation 2008 has ended, but we have many wonderful pictures to remind us of the fun we had. It was a good vacation!

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