Washington, D.C….Day 2

Monday (day 2) began with a visit to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. Here we viewed all sorts of interesting items, including the complete skeletons of several dinosaurs. This museum is huge, and we discovered it is very difficult to see everything in one day. After spending several hours there, we jumped on the Metro and headed to the Pentagon for a tour, which was what Rachel had been most looking forward to. It was very interesting and educational. Much of the tour focused on Flight 77, which crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11. Part of the tour took us into the part of the building that was destroyed that day. It’s hard to explain the feeling standing there observing the memorial and remembering the events of that day. Following the Pentagon tour, we headed to Arlington National Cemetery. There we were able to see John F. Kennedy’s grave and, of course, the Tomb of the Unknowns. We were able to watch the changing of the guard ceremony, which was very impressive. I highly recommend everyone visiting D.C. attend one of these ceremonies. After that we headed to the hotel early and hit the pool. It was a good day.

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