Swim Meet Results

This past Sunday, Rachel and Elise competed in the championship swim meet with their team, the Franklin Flyers. This was their first year on the swim team, and both girls swam well. They have improved greatly since the beginning of the season, and I hope they will continue to want to participate. Elise swam in one event, the 25 meter freestyle. She finished 139 out of 147, with a time of 35.68. Rachel swam in 3 events…the 25 meter back, 25 meter breast, and 25 meter free. While she did well in all events, the breast is by far her strength. She finished 2nd in her heat with a time of 28.15 and was 61 out of 91 overall. She also had a good swim in the freestyle, finishing 117 out of 131 with a time of 26.03. I hope to post some video of each of them swimming in the competition within the next couple of days. I am very proud of both my girls!

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