Bible Study

Studying God’s Word is an important part of my spiritual walk. The older I get the more important Bible study becomes. I’m no Bible scholar. In fact, I have much to learn. No, I’m simply an ordinary man who has a desire to learn and study God’s Word. I am very blessed to be part of a church that believes in and preaches the Bible. I know that week after week I will hear God’s word from our pastor. But, I want to go deeper. I find myself reading and studying more and more lately.

With that in mind I want to share a website that is very helpful… If you look under my Favorite Links area on the blog you’ll find a link to this website (Bible Study Tools). It is a great resource for Bible study. You can register, then set and save your preferences. There are numerous translations to choose from, and you can open multiple translations simultaneously to compare. There are tabs linking you to reference materials such as commentaries, dictionaries and encyclopedias. You can also set up a plan to read the Bible in a year. There are daily devotionals you can read as well, along with a host of other helpful links. This website is a great place to get started with a Bible study routine.

I feel led to share some tips for Bible study that I have found work for me.

  1. Find a quiet place. I’ve found that my mind is much more attuned to the Word if I am alone in a quiet spot while reading and studying.
  2. Select easy to understand translations. I grew up in a small church where the only Bible was the good old King James. While I enjoy reading many passages in the King James, it is definitely not the only translation available. It is most definitely not the easiest to understand. My personal preferences are the NIV, NLT and HCSB.
  3. Use study notes and reference materials. Many Bibles contain study notes that I find very helpful. Commentaries and dictionaries can also be useful tools.
  4. Take notes. It is not a sin to write in your Bible. Take notes in the margin, or highlight key passages.

I hope these tips and the website are helpful. I never know who is going to find my blog and decide to read it. Maybe there is someone out there who needs such information. I pray that I will be diligent in studying God’s Word and that I will continue to learn and grow as a Christian.

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