Play Ball!

Elise and I attended a Nashville Sounds baseball game last night with some friends. My buddy Kevin invited us to go with some guys from his Sunday School class and their kids. It was lots of fun. The game was good despite the Sounds loss. The highlight, however, for me was watching Elise. We were sitting along the third base line near the Sounds bullpen. Elise wanted a baseball after seeing others in the stands catch fouls. One was hit foul and a player in the bullpen grabbed it. Elise went to the fence and asked if she could have the ball. The player graciously gave it to her, and she could not have been happier. That simple gesture put a huge smile on her face, which remained as she passed the ball around for everyone to see. A little later she wanted to get a drink, so we walked to the concession stand. On the way back to our seats she spotted Ozzie, the Sounds mascot, and asked if she could go see him. We discovered that he was signing autographs, and of course Elise had her ball in hand. She was able to get Ozzie’s autograph on the baseball, which made her even happier than when she got the ball. It was very late when we got back home, but the fun was well worth the late night. I’m very thankful for the opportunity I had to spend that time with Elise.

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