God’s Grace

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. My wife had a good day. The kids presented gifts and cards to her, and I did my part by cooking dinner. I think overall it was a good day.

I was concerned about how I would hold up. You see, this was the first Mother’s Day since my mom passed away. While I did think of her often yesterday, the thoughts did not make me sad. Instead I was surprisingly happy with my thoughts. I know that she had the best Mother’s Day ever yesterday, because the picture I have in my mind is her, and millions of other mothers, being honored by Jesus! What a comforting thought!

As I reflected today on this I thought of God’s grace, and how blessed I am to have received that gift of grace. While reading one of my devotions this morning, I came across this line: “My grace is sufficient for you”. At that same time I was listening to the song Your Grace is Enough. Coincidence? I think not. We’ve all heard it said that God speaks to us in a still, small voice. Well, today I’m convinced I heard it. Just when we need it, God’s grace kicks in and picks us up and comforts us. I pray today that those of you who are in need of God’s grace will receive it, and that you will stop and listen for His voice.


One thought on “God’s Grace

  1. Hey — This was my first year without my mom too. It was hard. I was pretty low but most of the day I didn’t even really think about it being Mother’s Day. It was easier than I expected but I sure do miss her!

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