Last night at church we began a 4-week adventure. Using the popularity behind the TV show our children’s ministry is looking at 4 myths on Wednesday nights in May. Last night’s myth was “God Can’t Be Everywhere”. We gathered in groups around tables and worked together to determine whether the myth was plausible or busted. Just like in the TV show we used research (the Bible) and experiments to reach our conclusion. For this first myth we looked at the story of Jonah, who discovered that no matter where he ran he could not hide from God. We also used an experiment with helium filled balloons, which showed us the effects of helium even though we could not see the gas. At the end of the night everyone agreed that the myth “God Can’t Be Everywhere” was totally busted. It was a great experience for both kids and adults. The kids had a great time with the hands on experiments, and hopefully gained a little Biblical knowledge along the way. I’m looking forward to next Wednesday when we tackle myth number 2: “When We Die We Become Angels”. Plausible or busted??? Join us at ClearView next Wednesday to find out!

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