Ultimate Love

Ultimate Love is the title of my devotional reading this morning. The scripture passage is John 3:16. The theme of today’s reading is sacrifice for those we are concerned with. God was so concerned for his people that he sacrificed his only Son. If we are really concerned about those we love, then why wouldn’t we make sacrifices for them? I know I’m guilty of not wanting to give up my time, plans, money, etc. for others. I think we all fall into that trap occasionally. We become too consumed with our own agendas and fail to give up something for the sake of those we love and cherish. In order to love as God loves, we may have to relinquish what is important to us for the sake of someone else. With that in mind, my aim is to sacrifice my personal time and plans for the sake of my family and friends. Sure, I have things I need to do, but what could be more important than spending that precious time playing with my kids or talking to my wife! If I really love my family, I won’t mind giving up my time for them.

Prayer: Father, thank you for your sacrifice for our sakes. Help me today, and every day, to strive to love as you do. Don’t let me be consumed by my own selfish agendas. Let me be willing to give up my time for the sake of my family and friends, and let them see how much I love and care for them. Amen.

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